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“10 SEO Mistakes To Avoid During Your Next Website Redesign”

10-SEO-Mistakes-Tablet-Graphic2.pngThinking about redesigning your website?

Our helpful, free guide makes it easy to avoid costly SEO mistakes that can hurt you in the valuable world of search results.

When it comes to your website redesign, form and function need to be a package deal. So while you should absolutely add those new beautiful CTA buttons, and add that big beautiful hero image on your homepage, don’t forget about what’s happening behind the scenes.

Download our free eBook today to troubleshoot your website redesign from the start, eliminating potentially costly revisions!

This valuable eBook has you covered for common SEO blunders like:

  • Failing to consider your URL structure
  • Failing to Identify (and Include) Commonly Searched Keywords
  • Not Implementing Responsive Design

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